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Key Elements Group LLC President and CEO Lynette Zimmerman is a thought-leader in the nonprofit and fundraising sectors.

Key Elements Group LLC President and CEO Lynette Zimmerman


Impact Solutions
Key Elements Group is a fundraising consulting firm dedicated to nonprofit growth. Our team specializes in identifying obstacles preventing nonprofit professionals from reaching their goals and helping create and implement model-shifting solutions in order to move their organizations forward into new, productive, and sustainable territory.


Your Mission, Your Passion
Key Elements Group LLC works to keep dreams alive, ensuring that our clients can move past the extraneous demands of modern day fundraising to actualize their nonprofit’s mission. Whether it’s outdated staff structures, a poorly designed branding and marketing identity, or financial shortfalls, Key Elements Group LLC helps you direct your drive and focus to what matters the most – the cause. Make an impact.


When creative energy is wasted on ineffective systems and processes, everyone loses. Key Elements Group LLC offers a host of services that help nonprofit professionals break free of “this is the way we’ve always done it” sentimentality. Our professionals are experienced in educating nonprofit board members, staff, volunteers, and stake-holders on the value of thinking and moving forward. From integrating media-focused policies that connect organizations with today’s consumers to identifying untapped potential through new revenue streams, our team has helped nonprofits big and small transition into more complete and more capable versions of themselves. It’s time to liberate your organization’s potential.



Fundraising Strategy and Execution
Planning and strategizing with a fundraising first mind-set, advising on opportunities, identifying challenges, assembling priorities, and ensuring a positive impact.


Leadership and Governance
Leverage creative thinking to promote organizational growth, empower leadership, engage volunteers, and instill a growth mindset.


Interim Staffing
Provide on-site development professionals to work in development services, corporate giving, foundation relations, membership, annual fund, major gifts, endowment/capital/transitional campaigns, and departmental oversight.


Organizational Development
Provide assessment, development services integral to change and growth.


Strategy and Vision
Identify strategic opportunities and challenges and develop effective, impactful responses through planning, organizational examination, and decision-making.


Corporate Philanthropic Giving
Identify corporate priorities, employee priorities, and community priorities with an eye toward the larger social context to develop or reimagine giving programs.


Impact Media

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