Key Elements Group offers a host of consulting and staffing services for nonprofits.

Transition Experts. Our team includes chief transformation officers (CTOs) who dramatically improve the chances of organizational transitions succeeding. We have experience working with major nonprofits undergoing reorganization, bankruptcy, merger, and leadership change. Our staff works to move nonprofits forward during these difficult periods, providing consulting and hands-on staffing.

Fundraising Strategists. When it comes to strategy, Key Elements Group consultants have the ability to strike the right balance between short-term improvement and long-term value, which is critical for nonprofits looking to make the most with what they currently have. We have experience crafting and implementing capital campaigns, corporate fundraising programs, and grassroots fundraising initiatives that generate financial security for our clients.

Leadership Coaches. Leadership is key to organizational growth. Our team is equipped to provide workshops that equip key stakeholders with the skills they need to effectively run a development office, from inspiring staff to building streamlined work flows. We also run workshops on effective solicitation techniques, guaranteeing that any relationships our staff foster over the course of a project stay with our clients.

Interim Staff. From acting as communications officers to major gift managers, our consultants are ready to step into the office to help you succeed. If a staffing shortage crops up during a vital period in your fundraising calendar, we are here to make sure that you have the workforce and talent you need to get things done.