Nebraska Flood Military Creative Commons

(Image: March 17, 2019 photo of Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Rachelle Blake, Creative Commons)

A “bomb cyclone” slammed the middle of the United States last week, subjecting millions to heavy rain and snow.

The weather conditions in Iowa and Nebraska following the cyclone have resulted in “historic” flooding, according to the National Weather Center, as runoff from snow melt and displaced slabs of ice have engorged rivers throughout the region and flooded the Mississippi and Missouri River basins.

So far, three people have died and hundreds more have been evacuated as their homes and towns are ravaged by flood waters. Satellite images of Omaha from before and after the flooding showcase the extent of the emergency.

There are ways you can help people living in impacted areas. Consider donating to one of these worthy organizations:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation

United Way of the Midlands

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Disaster Relief Fund


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