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The wildfires engulfing California are the most destructive in the state’s history.

The Camp Fire—which has grown in size to 177 square miles—has caused immense damage, virtually destroying the town of Paradise in Northern California, killing 29 people, and displacing 50,000 more. Simultaneously, the Woolsey Fire continues to rage near Los Angeles, also claiming lives and ravaging communities.

This year’s wave of natural disasters has stretched the nation’s relief funding thin. The Trump Administration has pulled resources from FEMA to pursue its anti-immigrant agenda as major nonprofits are forced to juggle the competing demands of multiple disasters spread around the country.

While there needs to be a larger discussion on how to provide emergency relief in a consistent, impactful manner, there are a number of ways that grassroots donors like you can help those impacted by California’s historic wildfires right now.

Consider donating to any of these highly vetted charities currently working on the frontline in California:

The United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Direct Relief

The California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund

Caring Choices


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