(Image: Fibonacci Blue, Creative Commons)

Shocking images emerged this week showing U.S. military personnel firing tear gas at refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

The Trump Administration has enacted brutal boarder policies to target the widely discussed migrant caravan mostly comprised of Hondurans fleeing violence and rape in their home country. Trump used the caravan as a scapegoat during the midterm elections, painting the group of desperate and vulnerable migrants as menacing invaders.

While the immigration debate is far from simple, the fact that authorities are using riot dispersal tactics against women and children is sickening.

There are ways you can help.

Consider making a gift to Border Angels, a San Diego-based nonprofit that provides vital basic needs assistance to migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border.

You can also support Sanctuary Caravan, a volunteer group comprised of labor, faith, and immigrant leaders working on the ground to provide services and support to those in need who are stuck at the border.


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