Merger Candid

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In major news, Foundation Center and GuideStar have announced a merger. The two organizations will form a new nonprofit named Candid that will aim to connect nonprofit professionals with an unprecedented array of data and research. By entering into a partnership, the two organizations are combining an enormous volume of data and research assets under one roof, potentially creating a one stop shop for nonprofits looking for game-changing insight into today’s giving trends.

In an interview with The Chronicle of Philanthropy, GuideStar President Jacob Harold explained the significance of the merger: “Our combined data and networks will allow us to understand the current state of the field in new ways.”

Candid’s forthcoming services certainly promise a treasure trove of information for nonprofit professionals. The newly minted organization will strive to integrate databases spanning a variety of metrics and subjects, permitting a greater depth of research. Additionally, Candid will endeavor to create tools that simplify the process through which nonprofits seek funding from foundations. Considering the size and influence of the two organizations, this merger could very well change the standard procedures for pursuing institutional funding.

Foundation Center and GuideStar have worked on the merger since 2012, with major funders supporting the move. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has dedicated $16 million to assist in the merger process.


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