Disaster struck Central Asia on Monday. A magnitude-7.5 earthquake rippled throughout northeastern Afghanistan, stretching across the region and impacting India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan as well.

In Taluqan, Afghanistan, 12 schoolgirls died in a stampede following the onset of the earthquake. Nearly 150 deaths were reported in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Officials expect the death toll to rise, reaching into the hundreds. Dramatic images appeared on Twitter depicting destroyed structures. The impact will be especially hard for the region, which already suffers from underdevelopment and poor infrastructure.

A number of first-responder organizations are on the scene and could use your help.

Doctors without Borders announced that they will be providing medical supplies and personnel to cope with the earthquake’s aftermath. UNICEF is highly active in the region. The Afghan Red Crescent Society is also accepting donations in their ongoing efforts to aid those impacted by the disaster.


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