To honor its hundredth year, The California Community Foundation has announced that it will distribute a whopping $1 billion to Los Angeles nonprofits within the next ten years.

The foundation is leveraging its wealthy supporters as well as discretionary funding it has acquired over the past decades to make the new push, which represents a sizable increase over recent activities. Over the last decade, The California Community Foundation dispersed $700 million dollars to support a wide variety of nonprofits.

In order to execute on its promise, the foundation will actually have to kick into fundraising overdrive. According to staff, however, the added work will permit the organization to pursue its mission and principles.

The California Community Foundation’s President and Chief Executive Antonia Hernandez told reporters that the organization is prepared to accomplish this formidable project:

For us, it’s a stretch and we will have to go out there and work more with our donors, but we feel that we will be able to meet that commitment. We didn’t want to make a statement or commitment where we felt it was not doable.

It is unclear whether or not the foundation will follow in the footsteps of other high-profile grant-providers, such as The Ford Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust, which have both shifted their priorities to tackling inequality, as well as to providing more overhead funding that gives nonprofits breathing room to cultivate staff and capital assets.

In the past, The California Community Foundation has awarded funding to all sorts nonprofits, including arts groups and basic needs assistance organizations.

Nonprofits and individuals can apply for grants on the foundation’s website. Applications are reviewed by a 20 person advisory board that makes the final decisions on which applicants will receive funding.


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