Nonprofit HR released a new report that underscores the worker retention crisis plaguing the nonprofit sector.

According to the organization’s polling, 45% of nonprofit professionals plan to find new employment within the next five years. Of this group, a sizable 23% plan to move into the private sector.

As the report’s additional findings show, low job satisfaction is the primary culprit behind this high turnover rate projection:

• 49% said that nonprofits pay too little

• 19% believe that nonprofits offer poor career prospects

• 12% view nonprofits as poorly run businesses

Nonprofit HR CEO Lisa Brown Alexander explains how these numbers negatively impact the sector as a whole:

These statistics are alarming and should serve as a warning to social impact organizations of all types who have not adapted a talent attraction strategy to remain competitive. Gone are the days of talented professionals being willing to take a vow of poverty to work for a cause or a mission they are passionate about. The social sector, rich with diverse and rewarding career opportunities, has long faced the misperception of being low-paying with limited opportunities for professional growth. These results confirm how pervasive this misperception is across the nation and re-ignites urgency in refuting this myth.

Nonprofit leaders need to invest time and energy into supporting their workers. Doing so promotes organizational stability and growth, enabling nonprofits to attract fresh talent interested in cultivating life-long careers dedicated to the social good.


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