Founded in 2013, Key Elements Group LLC is a dynamic, inventive consulting company based in Philadelphia, PA. Our team is comprised of practiced professionals who grasp all aspects of nonprofit operations, including fundraising, marketing and communications, management, and strategic planning. We have helped small and large nonprofits pursuing a wide range of missions succeed in major U.S. markets including Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City.

Nonprofit Transformation

Key Elements Group LLC specializes in helping nonprofits navigate tough transitional periods. Whether your firm is undergoing bankruptcy, a merger, or needs to evolve in order to meet its goals, we can help by drafting and implementing a paradigm-shifting fundraising plan specially tailored to your organization’s mission and needs.

Our approach integrates tried-and-proven fundraising strategies and bold ideas inspired by the challenges of today’s digital marketplace. Through a lean yet nimble management structure, our firm provides nonprofit leaders with the accessible, personal, one-on-one consulting they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Industry Leadership

All nonprofit professionals contribute to the social good. We firmly believe that we can increase our individual impact by working together to solve regional and national problems facing the industry.

Inspired by this vision, we have made our firm a lab for industry innovators. In conjunction with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, we launched an affinity group that facilitates collaboration between nonprofit leaders representing some of Philadelphia’s biggest cultural institutions.

Social Good Advocates

We champion nonprofits and their workers. Our firm promotes sustainable growth for social good organizations by advocating for gender parity, worker rights, and discrimination-free workplaces. When everyone works together to ensure just organizational cultures, we contribute to a nonprofit ecosystem that benefits all of its stakeholders: board members, organizational leadership, and staff members.

Social and Enterprising

Key Elements Group LLC is a fast-growing business. Today, we are working hard to expand our reach, opening up new hubs for forward-thinking nonprofit and fundraising specialists to make a difference. We believe in pooling our resources in order to get the job done. If you are a fundraising professional interested in boosting your consulting career or a first-time consultant eager to work with an innovative firm, contact us to learn how you can join Key Elements Group LLC. By working with us, you receive guidance, a responsive communications department, back-end support, a strong pipeline of leads, and a brand that you can trust.