Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Created: March 1, 2015


The following information covers the basics of Key Elements Group refund policy. Key Elements Group strives to provide a simple and clear explanation of the refund policy.


Term of purchased user subscriptions by paid subscribers. Purchased user subscriptions commence on the start date and renew monthly automatically. Except newsletter only subscriptions, purchased subscriptions shall automatically renew monthly, unless either party give the other notice of non-renewal prior to month’s end by contacting Key Elements Group at If a purchased subscriber notifies Key Elements Group following the commencement of a month they will be charged for that month but will not be charged in subsequent months.


A subscriber will receive a full refund for the monthly cost if Key Elements Group provided no communication piece during said period. The value must be greater than 0, must match the appropriate currency format, and cannot exceed the total amount of the monthly cost.


No partial refunds will be given.


A requested refund may not be given to paid subscriber if one or more communication piece is delivered during that particular month. The paid subscriber may cancel during the month of receiving a communication piece but no refund or partial refund will be given. Subsequent monthly charges will not occur.

Key Elements Group will provide paid subscribers with written notice of a price increase at least 30 days prior to the increase.


The Refund Policy may change from time to time. All subscribers will be notified directly of upcoming changes in a timely manner.



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