Top 5 Most and Least Charitable States

Utah wins! Ranking number one as the state with the highest percentage of donated income. A recent study by WalletHub shows that the United States is full of generous people. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, U.S. donors gave more than $373 billion to charity with 71% coming from individuals.

Which states received top marks for highest percentage of donated income?

1. Utah

2. Minnesota

3. North Dakota

4. Maryland

5. Oklahoma

Which states received poor marks for highest percentage of donated income?

1. Massachusetts

2. Rhode Island

3. Maine

4. New Jersey

5. New Hampshire

Although the U.S. is a country filled with generous citizens, giving back is not easy to do. We are witness to a changing tide – the birth of a culture of giving instead of a culture of consumerism. This fad has become a trend that is entrenching itself in all that people do.

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