Girls in Tech: Hacking for Good

Girls in Tech – a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls interested in technology – is taking a bold step and hacking for humanity.

The organization just kicked off a new series in Melbourne designed to generate innovative solutions to social issues through “hackathons” that involve teams of tech-savvy women competing to produce forward-thinking digital products.

Girls in Tech’s goal is to “create prototypes for technology that can address complex social problems. The hackathons are aimed at using technology to benefit charities, while also encouraging impassioned women to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship.”

More hackathons are slated to occur across the globe, tapping the energy and creativity of 60 chapters and more than 50,000 members of Girls in Tech. Hacking teams have recently tackled issues including hunger, supporting at-risk youth, and clean air.

The White House is even jumping into the gender-side of the STEM conversation, supporting  two new laws: The Inspire Act introduced by Representative Barbara Comstock and the Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act.

The former is said to “promote STEM fields to women and girls, and encourage women to pursue careers in aerospace.” The latter authorizes the National Science Foundation to support entrepreneurial programs for women.

The effort to level the playing field within all industries is no fad. It is an absolutely necessary task that supports economic growth while contributing to financial and gender parity.

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