No on Kavanaugh

  A scheduled appearance by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Monday has been put on pause. Ford has requested that the FBI investigate Kavanaugh further before she testifies. Ford has accused Kavanaugh of a violent…

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The Human Society’s Cautionary #MeToo Tale

(Photo: The Human Society Headquarters in Washington, DC. Credit: AgnosticPreachersKid via Wikipedia, Creative Commons) As we have previously discussed on Nonprofit Pro Media, the #MeToo movement has pushed sexual harassment at the workplace squarely into the spotlight. Across a number of industries, perpetrators whose behavior…

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#MeToo Nonprofits

Sexual Harassment in the Nonprofit Sector

The #MeToo movement has thrust an all too common workplace occurrence into the open: sexual harassment. Commencing with the downfall of Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood, there has been an enormous ripple effect throughout the male-dominated media world. Powerful figures have had to answer for their…

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