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Is it Time for a Nonprofit Workers Union?

(Image: SEIU Local 1, Creative Commons) Many nonprofit employees have experienced it before: management justifies cutting overhead costs—including a host of employee benefits—in order to free up resources for programmatic spending. Organizational leadership often perceives their workers as mission-driven as opposed to profit-driven, an exact corollary…

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Millennials and Labor Unions

Millennials, Labor Unions, and Nonprofits

It’s no secret: millennials are earning less than their parents. Some analyses put the decline in earnings around 20 percent. This is particularly debilitating for a generation that also possesses more student debt than its predecessors. The reasons for the millennial wage slump are complicated….

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Fundraising Takeaways from 2015

(2015 takeaway: Millennials are the next great giving generation, and they donate via mobile technology.) After 5 straight years of growth in the fundraising world (2014 topped previous records, pulling in $358.38 billion in philanthropic dollars, and 2015 will likely be even bigger), things are…

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