Arguing Against Refugee Resettlement, Texas Governor Displays Ignorance of How Nonprofits Work

(Image: United States Department of State, Creative Commons) The Trump Administration issued an executive order last September requiring states to actively opt in to the federal government’s refugee resettlement program. Fortunately, governors across the nation—including many Republicans—have expressed their willingness to help those fleeing conflicts around…

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In Refugee Crisis, States Hinder Nonprofits

Nonprofits are now mixed up in the dispute over Syrian refugees. As leaders representing well over half of the 50 U.S. states have announced their opposition to accepting Syrians displaced in their country’s intractable conflict, organizations have begun receiving official requests to desist from settling…

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Refugee Relief Efforts Face Bankruptcy

(Photo: Arbat Transit Camp for Syrian Refugees in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan) As part of our ongoing coverage of the global refugee crisis, today we look at how UN agencies are quickly running out of cash and consequently edging closer to bankruptcy. In an interview with The…

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